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Do it. Love, Coffee

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

In a world filled with procrastination and approaching deadlines expected instant gratification fulfillment, we are restricted by the expectations set out by our management, company protocol, business hours, and speed limits to name a few. Coffee is one of the only facets of life that we can set our standards and demand that they are met or even better, exceeded. Just hear me out before you begin your argument…what’s that you say, “Starbucks didn’t make the coffee quite how I like it.” Easy one, ask that they do it again…done. It is now in their policy and almost all of their advertisements. Just about anywhere you go, you can pick up a cup of piping hot diner coffee or fancy six dollar 186.7 degree perfectly balanced flat white. Supply and demand, baby. The world is here to cater to your coffee desires. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Miami, I am sure you have enjoyed a delicious colada, which can be made while you wait at the laundromat. Coffee is here in the United States and it will only grow from here. All the being said, why do you drink the stuff? The taste? The smell? Can’t function without the stuff? Late night? Early morning? There are more reasons to drink it than not to drink it. We won’t get into that; that’s far too controversial to venture down that path. Let’s look at one of my favorite reason to drink it: “It makes you do stuff,” as my 5 year old would say. In short, yea, it does. We are all far more productive with the introduction of caffeine, coffee specifically. We are not only immersed in the fabulous molecule, but also the psychological connection to the good stuff, forget it, we’re hooked. Want to test my theory, fun, let’s. Play the placebo game with someone, switch with decaf, see if anything changes with the individual’s mood, demeanor, and/or outlook. More than likely, the simply psychological love and need for this nectar will more than likely make up for the reduced quantity of caffeine present. Yes, you heard it, there’s caffeine in decaffeinated coffee, just less of it. In short, in life we have things we have and want to accomplish, coffee is there, not just as an oh so appreciated backseat driver, but as all of our ride-or-die besties. -Nat

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