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Rooms & Halls

Here at Blue Chip, we understand that every hotel has different amenities and varying expectations from their clients.  We offer the equipment and coffee options to cater to every level and budget.


Proven Results


Coffee Consultation

We examine your room organization and the current setup including your client base to improve your coffee options and simplify coffee display for housekeeping ease.  Competition is steep, which is why we have perfected our methods to ensure that our clients are on the cutting edge of growth and progress. What are your clients expecting? What can be changed with the coffee to up-sell service? That's our forte.


Equipment for Suites, Staff & On-Site Restaurants

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level whether it is the newest coffee gadget that advertises your impressive spread or it is an equipment footprint that you are looking to adjust. Easy to use machines are key for hotel rooms to impress your clients.  It is one of the biggest selling points on whether or not your establishment is chosen amongst the competition.  We know what people are looking for to offset the cost of a hotel room, and if you can save them the expensive latte from the chain coffee shop then you are sure to gain that client. At Blue Chip Coffee Services, we combine our insights and skills to transform your equipment processes and strategies, and in turn, coffee love. What if equipment stops working? We've got you.  We have a full warehouse of replacement equipment to negate this specific situation. You can count on us.


The Tasting

We schedule an individual coffee tasting for you to try out our coffee varietals.  We do all of the work.  No need to worry. We either invite you to our showroom for a coffee tasting or we come out to your locale to help you find the perfect blends that will best showcase your establishment through coffee. Let us guide you. We then explain our pricing to compete with the coffee service you are going to leave for us.  Our secret is consistency with coffee, deliveries, and our top notch service.

Why Blue Chip?

Dedicated Sales & Services

Your sales associate is there for you no matter the situation.  Whether you need a last minute delivery or you need a service technician to come in the middle of the night to check on or replace your equipment.  We pride ourselves on minimal downtime.  We have replacement equipment to replace with if yours goes down.  We understand the importance of detail in the hospitality industry.  Let us do the heavy coffee lifting.

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